The Role of Transportation in Logistics Chain

The Role of Transportation in Logistics Chain

Logistics industry is a big industry in India. It is the second largest industry after agriculture. Within logistics, goods transportation is a bigger industry. Goods transportation contributes to a major part of the country’s GDP.

This makes it a very important industry for the economic growth of the nation. Not only have that, but goods transportation also plays an important roles in accessibility of goods to various industries, organizations, factories and homes at lasted.

For the smooth functioning of each and every industry, manufacturing unit, home and lives, this industry plays major roles. Within goods transport, road transportation has a major importance due to its high accessibility.

Road transport can also be more variable with weight and type of load, when compared to rail transport, air transport or water transport.

Thus, transportation plays the key role of supplying products from production and manufacturing houses to end consumers and also supplying raw materials to factories and manufacturers, which is the main purpose of transportation in all.