The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Logistics

The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Logistics

Indian Logistics spends 13% in GDP (versus 7-8% in developed countries), implying overall size of US$ 180-220 bn. Transportation cost of GDP is 8%. Current transport industry is completely unorganised so there is no fixed rate causing transporters to suffer due to its high operating cost.

  • The reasons this sector in India is still unorganised in our country are:

  1. Presence of Large number of Small Truck Owners with Less than 5 trucks.
  2. Presence of Transport Agents / Brokers which results in automatic Price escalation.
  3. Absence of uniform pricing. Pricing is regulated on the basis of Truck availability, Demand & supply in the market.
  4. Absence of proper monitoring of Trucks and Route optimization.
  5. Lack of training to drivers and other related parties leads to improper management


  • When it comes to Logistics, logistics executives must make further decisions beyond the mode of transportation to include:

  1. Packaging
  2. Containerization
  3. Documentation
  4. Insurance
  5. Storage
  6. Importing and Exporting Regulations
  7. Freight Damage Claims
  8. Working & collaborating with other executives within the supply chain
  9. Managing vendors and partners
  10. Responsible for mitigating risk and mitigating expenditures