Logistics Startup

What are some interesting startups in supply chain/logistics?

  1. Specialized in Intercity and Intercity transportation (FL/PL) Transtrade Pvt. Ltd. is an immerging startup which is categorized into two sections 1) Local bookings: transportation in Intricate


  1. National bookings: transportation in Intercity. In Current transportation system tempo of minimum capacity travels long distance because of its need and because of not having option to choose area of transportation In Transtrade, Truck/tempo owners are categorised into Local and National Category depending upon its capacity they are dividing its area of Transportation and they call it as effective utilisation of resources.


  1. Automated Tracking and update facilities, data analytics and reporting tools as we know those who book orders online get curious about its tracking and updates. In road transport industry there is dependency of other deals on the timing of reaching goods, so for the consignor tracking of his goods is very important. Transtrade provides real time tracking technology with live status of vehicle, the tracking map is generated on E -Bill also for better transparency, registered consignor have facility to get all of his booking records in a single click which will be beneficial to GST.


  1. Cost effective and financially stable. Even Transtrade is providing very rich functionality and facility it has very economical and cost effective pricing which is affordable for all types of businesses. Transtrade is not only cost effective but also economical compared to the market prices; it is also financially stable to accommodate Transportation Logistics service for large number of businesses at any given time with high quality and value.


  1. Current Transport Agents As we know many companies are trying to improvise current transport industry they are providing online solutions but bypassing current transport agents, Since Transtrade is a company which has category of Trans Agent that includes registration of goods vehicle under him and getting commission on each trip anywhere from India


  1. Customer Success oriented and end-to- end operational excellence Transtrade has a high reputation for its customer service excellence in terms of keeping the customers happy and its approach towards customer success orientation and strategies. It also continuously updates customers about vehicle availability. Transtrade is providing refactoring service which includes total breakdown assistance. 24*7 back office aims to provide all the transport related help.