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Buying Trucking Services in an Advanced Way by Transtrade.In

India’s goods transport industry is very vast and widely used. Goods transport includes national truck transportation and local tempos transportation as well, which travel within the city. These goods transportation vehicles are presently booked for transport through transport agents who use their personal and professional contacts for consignments bookings. Agents sometimes fail in making vehicles available.

Thus cosigners waste days in search of vehicles and available vehicles are not known to the cosigner due to little contacts. TransTrade is a goods transport portal that aggregates cosigners, agents and transporters, thus solving the above mentioned problem.

Not only this, but also, the portal is made very easy for truckers to understand and use as well has prices matching the on-going market rates. Being an online portal all transactions will be cashless and safe. Consignments can be booked in a few steps and every detail of vehicles can be got at each step of the journey.

Thus cosigners and truck drivers can keep track of their vehicles which don’t happen in the present scenario. TransTrade gives trucking services in a very advanced level, which will benefit the entire logistics industry in the country.