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What are some interesting startups in supply chain/logistics?

Specialized in Intercity and Intercity transportation (FL/PL) Transtrade Pvt. Ltd. is an immerging startup which is categorized into two sections 1) Local bookings: transportation in Intricate   National bookings: transportation in Intercity. In Current transportation system tempo of minimum capacity travels long distance because of its need and because of not having option to choose […]

The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Logistics

Indian Logistics spends 13% in GDP (versus 7-8% in developed countries), implying overall size of US$ 180-220 bn. Transportation cost of GDP is 8%. Current transport industry is completely unorganised so there is no fixed rate causing transporters to suffer due to its high operating cost. The reasons this sector in India is still unorganised in […]

The Role of Transportation in Logistics Chain

Logistics industry is a big industry in India. It is the second largest industry after agriculture. Within logistics, goods transportation is a bigger industry. Goods transportation contributes to a major part of the country’s GDP. This makes it a very important industry for the economic growth of the nation. Not only have that, but goods […]

Buying Trucking Services in an Advanced Way by Transtrade.In

India’s goods transport industry is very vast and widely used. Goods transport includes national truck transportation and local tempos transportation as well, which travel within the city. These goods transportation vehicles are presently booked for transport through transport agents who use their personal and professional contacts for consignments bookings. Agents sometimes fail in making vehicles […]