About Us


is a revolutionary and first online portal in the world, where transport, trade and technology is brought together to make road transport and trade industry more systemized. This is the first start-up in the world, where online consignments can be directly booked and delivered.


consists of two different portals: Transport and Trade. On this platform, customers, agents, traders and transporters connect for business services and continue the existing system without eliminating any participant. In fact it will promote additional employment and improve efficiency of existing human resources.

Transportation through TransTrade is a smart way of carrying out transportation consignments. Trans is split into two subdivisions which will match supply and demand of Trucks & Mini Trucks/Tempos:

  • National transport
    – Which involves Truck transportation within the nation
  • Local transport
    – Which involves Mini Trucks/Tempo transportation within the city/district

Trade on this portal is a straightforward method which makes trading even safer and faster compared to the current trade scenario. Overall
‘TransTrade’ profusely enhances fuel efficiency, work competency and productivity of the country’s Transport and Trade industry.